"FACT-CHECKERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FACT-CHECK THIS PAGE UNDER MY First Amendment to the United States Constitution / many other LAWS" You have no right to put someone hard hours of work they have done for their Article/Blog's these journalist/Bloggers have a right to freedom of speech in America {CHECKMATE:}

BREAKING: Fox news network needs to be shut down NOW sign the petition

They need to be stop for the safety of the USA/World

Fox News Anchorage Carlson Hannity  Ingraham Espoused

Tucker Carlson accuses New York Times of endangering his family, leading  reporter to be doxed - The Washington Post

Fox News states support for Laura Ingraham despite advertiser fallout - Los  Angeles Times

Fox News hosts have measurable effect on COVID cases, study finds | Ars  Technica


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