|7:22am|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|28-March-2020|
You think this is cute covering up the real truth of this Pandemic when your killing millions of people, for no reason. You're a disgrace to humanity. Plus you all should be thrown in Prison for Life without parole.
 |8:53pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|27-March-2020|
I'm NOT YOUR LAB RAT Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates DR Anthony Fauci, CDC, W.H.O & all world governments take your Population control program and GO FUCK YOUR SELF. COVID-19 Pandemic is nothing but a HOAX and there trying to control the human race.
 |5:00pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|26-March-2020|
Chinese virologist: China's government 'intentionally' released COVID-19
 |4:39pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|26-March-2020|
Good for them not being brainwashed by DR.FAUCI, CDC.
Alarming number of US health care workers are refusing COVID-19 vaccine
 |11:22pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|21-March-2020|
In this March 9, 2021, file photo, Army health specialists fill syringes with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in Miami. Despite the clamor to speed up the U.S. vaccination drive against COVID-19, the first three months of the rollout suggest faster is not necessarily better.
 |2:11pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|10-March-2020|
Evidence Ignored
The above study was very recent (2019) but is it one of MANY dating back to 2002 documenting how damaging the COVID vaccine(s) are going to be once a person is vaccinated and then is re-exposed to circulating coronaviruses.
But that’s not the only problem caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.
Most garden-variety respiratory viruses cause infection by binding to specific receptors on the surface of the host’s cells. To block this attachment, antibodies formed from previous infections or by vaccines bind the circulating virus and neutralize it. This stops, or at least weakens, the progression to a full-blown infection.
However, in some viruses, the antibodies formed against them bind only loosely to the viral surface proteins. Instead of stopping an infection, this mechanism promotes invasion into the cell, enhancing the infection instead of stopping it.
 |8:57pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|11-March-2020|
China has adopted a carefully calibrated strategy for World War III where the weapon is a virus.
The first step is to cheat the world; the second phase is through spreading chaos across the world, and the third stage is to oppress and exploit the world.
 |1:40pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|10-March-2020|
WOW, this is a crock of SHIT all this a population control. In the 43Years of my life, I have never had to have a Vaccination Record card or heard of anyone to have one. There is truly something going on here in the world and it is a mass change happening now that I would be on the alert for suspicious activity from CDC, W.H.O any Country Government the wealthy could be in involved anyone for all I know. I well tell YOU THIS THOUGH I DO NOT FOLLOW RULES WELL AND YOU WELL NOT CONTROL ME.
May be an image of text that says 'COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card Please keep this record card, which includes medical information about the vaccines you have received. SERVICES-USA Por favor, guarde esta tarjeta de registro, que incluye información médica sobre las vacunas que ha recibido. Last Name Date of birth First Name MI Vaccine Product Name/Manufacturer Lot Number Patient number (medical record or IIS record number) 1st Dose COVID-19 Date Healthcare Professional or Clinic Site 2nd Dose COVID-19 mm dd yy Other mm dd yy Other mm dd yy mm dd yy'
 |12:54pm|by victor roberts|blogger|May-20-2021|