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Living in today's world is different than in the 1940s today when it comes down, to tell the truth, which is a shame to humanity. Today we're covering up so much truth that it's not even funny anymore. I should not talk I was not honest in my substance use day's so there. Now to the point, 

  1. GOVERNMENTS: All Governments have the power to change the laws faster then you would think in a blink of an eye under a secret bill name that you think that going to help the people "THINK AGAIN ABOUT THAT?"
  2. THE WEALTHY: the richest people, & developers like Microsoft Bill Gates are one of them not to be trusted because of win 10 being a spy program and many other things they do not tell you on the news/media you have to dig to get dirt on them.
  3. W.H.O: does not know much need to do more research.
  4. CDC: Comes down to it they need to tell the real truth about the viruses and their vacations and what's really in the ingredients. some of these ingredients can be a danger or life-threatening or cause CANCER. Need to be redone from the roots.
  5. TOP DOCTORS: Now we'll get into this as I do more research.
  6. BANKS: There just out of control these days.
  7. CORPORATIONS: some of them are right along with it all as they develop some high-tech shit that would blow your mines. and gets even higher-tech as we go.

THE REST: Now this is going to take some time as research is being done as I go on learning all the dirt and secrets as much info as I can without getting too deep. It should not be so hard to tell if a story is truthful basic simple life skills. In today's life, there are 7 Billion of us leaving on plant earth.

 "Now where to start we all have different beliefs of what we trust and do not trust. Then we have are cults, secret government programs & more? then you think. Now to psychic predictions to me, I see two sides, and if more would love to now?" 

  • Once you have the ones they are either Republican, Democrat, or green party/Then there the ones are a freelancer/Trolls.
  1. Beliefs you have to look at how you see it & how others see it. One other thing with all these Media bot's and stuff I know they're there to help and stuff but when it comes down to it. It's starting to get into people personal life and is out of control.
  2. When it comes down to it we need to look at all angles and the puzzle pieces, literature to see if the story matches if not then it can be a Confusing decision and can lead to misinform/more.

Finalizing the story here I watch the banned videos, story audios books listing I go to, and more to get my news I Digg as deep as I can get my hands in too and watching videos and write down doc note's then put my side of the story of how I see it and if I can prove it is true that's cool/if not then we'll go from there. On the other hand, as I'm doing researching and if I see false info I well expose it to and say enough is enough and everyone has to start getting along or read what you see if you trust it then trust it/If you do not trust it then that's that and leave it at that for the time being and if it never gets solved then we leave it as we see it is our self. 


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