11:49am|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|25-September-2021|
8:33am|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|24-September-2021|
Kamala Harris is Supposed to take care of the Border crisis and what is she doing about it not, not a dam thing, and she calling for Investigation what a f**ken joke Hey Harris/Biden how many Terrorist have you let in our country that we do not know about. the truth the Democrats are Destroy a great Country.
Kamala Harris Calls for Investigation Into Biden Admin Handling of Illegal Migrants
12:58pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|17-September-2021|
President Biden does not want this to be seen on the Media. This is live right now on fox news. We have a MEGA CRISIS at the broader there are 10,000+ and there are 10,000 more on the way right now I really don't know what to say. this is really sad.
2:38pm|By Victor Roberts|Blogger|16-September-2021|

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